Nanahandwriting class

About Us

Anybody’s handwriting can be improved drastically just within 25 hours. There is no bar such as leftiness, age, mother tongue, business. Print and cursive are scripts in English. Print is used for printing. Cursive is used as writing script. Cursive has a better look than print. It is easier and faster for writing. Before learning cursive, to learn print English is necessary. To learn cursive English is advantageous in everybody’s school life and thereafter forever.

The most ideal method for teaching handwriting is to write in front of an individual by his pen in his notebook many times repeatedly. Hence by observing, gradual improvement takes place positively. In the beginning 16 mm height letters are taught. * In the bigger size the faults are easily understood & corrected. Once these letters are drawn properly, for English 4 liner book is used and for Deonagri 8 mm letters are taught. Finally Deonagri and English letters are taught as shown. Thereafter punctuations, mathematical signs, figures are also taught. By practice there is growing improvement speed. Even if a plain paper is provided once can write fluently without marking lines.

Cut nibs having chisel shape as shown in the photograph are used for this purpose.